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BD Megohmmeter

BD- Megohmmeter


Megohmmeters are the only meter than can test for the most common loop issue - a nick in the insulation causing the loop to short to ground. This is why they are referred to as "Insulation Testers".

This analog megohmmeter gives installers more information than the more common light up megohmmeters. The pin will point to the megohm reading - giving you a number you can track and monitor to determine if the loop is shorting to ground.

The BD Loop Megger includes:

  • Batteries
  • Quick Start Instructions for Testing Loops
  • Indepth Instructions for Testing Loops
  • Testing Record Booklet - Track loop performance and protect your installation.
  • Carrying Case

To obtain a megohm reading simply connect one lead of the megohmmeter to the loop and connect the other lead of the megohmmeter to ground.


Installation instructions


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  • Model: BD Megohmmeter
  • Manufactured by: BD Loops

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